42 Principles of Maat 2000 years before Ten Commandments

righteousness here and now, and into the afterlife.

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The Ten Commandments, eight of them at least, were taken from the Egyptian Principles of Ma’at written at least 2000 years earlier.

180px-maatsvg.png Written at least 2,000 years before the Ten Commandments of Moses, the 42 Principles of Ma’at are one of Africa’s, and the world’s, oldest sources of moral and spiritual instruction. Ma’at, the Ancient Egyptian divine Principle of Truth, Justice, and Righteousness, is the foundation of natural and social order and unity. Ancient Africans developed a humane system of thought and conduct which has been recorded in volumes of African wisdom literature, such as, these declarations from the Book of Coming Forth By Day (the so-called Book of the Dead), The Teachings of Ptah-Hotep, the writings of Ani, Amenemope, Merikare, and others.

One aspect of ancient Egyptian funerary literature which often is mistaken for a codified ethic of Ma’at is Chapter 125 of the Book of the Dead

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The Dazzle of Obama

With the misconduct and the dereliction of duty by Congress aside, well done President Obama.

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president_barack_obama_and_first_lady_-_courtesy_standing_rock_sioux_tribe A Quilt as a Gift for the President and First Lady, from First Nation Students.

I am and will be always dazzled by Barack Obama, how he accentuated the debate and created platforms for a new national vision–and backlash. Presidents, their terms, aren’t discrete packets, isolated from all before or determined by pass/fail assessments; Presidents are a part of the organic development of America, markers and holders of of our national character and power.

Many feel Obama should have achieved single payer health care, but such a fight might have turned into the same repetitiveness as the endless effort to end Obamacare. Frankly, was the nation, “awakening from its stony sleep” (Yeats) ready for a black President, the recession, and single payer–against powerful, media-supported Republican attacks? For the national center to hold as radical change–liberal or conservative–advances, the states must support the mutual effort: look at how many states rejected…

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Multiple Incidents and Multiple Deaths but not a Single Gun Safety Bill

What kind of religion they got? Not much.

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In the midst of multiple incidents resulting in multiple deaths, the Senate of “We, the People,” flat out refuses to pass a single gun safety bill. Prohibit those on no-fly lists? No, unconstitutional, being on the list does not void a constitutional privilege. Stop gun selling middle men and mules? No. Innocents might be entangled in a law enforcement drag net. Limit assault weapons? The senator–Lindsey Graham–from the state with the largest self-admitted racially motivated killing in 90 years says no. Evidence does not shake the stupid. Common sense and the common touch of humanity–every ounce of decency and safety–is killed by their defense of a practice that brings death and never delivers the promised salvation of the politician-priests who see guns as a holy grail, securing happiness and abundance. What we see is devastation and grief. Inner wounds that never heal long after the dead are buried. Silent pain…

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Black Heroes and Founders of the Great American Revolution.

To know is to own your rights a citizen of humanity.

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By The Founders:

For many years the actions of black men, women, and children in our nation’s founding has been largely ignored. The enslavement of black Americans was prominent, not their contributions. We read about those slaves who joined the British Army to gain their freedom. But what of the thousands of blacks who served this country in her hour of need? Their deeds were no less important than those of their white neighbors. They fought and died on the battlefields. They road the countryside as couriers. They held office. The wrote in support of independence. The led their communities.

Below are some short biographies of some of these Black Founders and Patriots. This list is by no means exhaustive, and quotes and pictures are not always available. However, these people and the service they rendered this country do not deserve to be forgotten.

Continental Army

Many black men served as soldiers in the American Revolution…

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